Why Do We Work With Horses?

For millions of years, horses have survived an ever-changing environment because of their ability to adapt, collaborate, and reorganize. Horses organize themselves quickly and efficiently, with a fluid social structure. Horses offer unwavering attention, remarkable perceptiveness, and unfiltered real-time feedback which allows you to accelerate learning.  In addition, horses have a story of their own which gives them a unique ability to perceive what's going on in the human heart.


FBEAP is based on the Bible and wild herd behavior. (The Word and the Herd!) We partner with horses and Holy Spirit to gently expose and eliminate unhealthy thought patterns and replace them with healthy, Biblical thought patterns that set people free for the life that God has called them to live.

Elaine Davis


Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy

and the

Stable Guide Series™

Evidence of Effectiveness: Equine-assisted therapeutic approach has shown evidenced-based efficacy in individuals (children and adults), including Veterans[1], experiencing various types of emotional challenges and positively affected confidence, communication, self-efficacy, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills within the self and family[2].

[1]Vasher, H., Delano, M, et al. (2017). Communication within familial relationships of Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder.  American Journal of Occupational Therapy. 71. Retrieved from https://ajot.aota.org/article.aspx?articleid=2636263

[2] Cumella, E. J. and Simpson, S. (2017). Efficacy of equine therapy: Mounting evidence.  Remuda Ranch Center for Anorexia and Bulimia, Inc., Wickenburg Arizona.