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At Trinity Reins Ranch

We're Changing Lives

Through developing synergistic relationships with referring agencies, practitioners, corporations and the community at large, together we're helping people cope with and heal from difficult situations and learn to lead healthy and productive lives.  

You Too Can Make A Difference!


Thank you for considering how you can help. Your selfless act of kindness through a financial donation or sponsorship can allow someone to participate in this unique personal growth experience who may not otherwise be able to.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!  


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The Impact of Your Generosity!


By giving to us, you are helping people receive healing and freedom in their lives at no cost to them. 


  • Over 90% of our income goes directly to our program costs (e.g. care of our equine, ongoing maintenance of the facility).

  • We provide session scholarships, based on need, to individuals.

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