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What's On the Horizon

at Trinity Reins Ranch?

Ongoing needs

We are seeking donors to partner with us by helping to cover the ongoing expenses associated with care for our herd, scholarships to provide services for those who are unable to cover the cost, in addition to monthly administrative costs and insurance.  Monthly sponsorships are our largest need at this time. No amount is too small.  Our monthly ongoing expenses average $2500 and your help to meet these ongoing expenses allows us to focus our attention on the needs of our clients.  We are a 501c3 ministry and a portion of your tithe is such a blessing and sincerely appreciated. 

Special Projects

Our special projects include the following:

  •  fencing a new section of pasture

  •  remove and replace hazardous existing fence

  •  painting and repairing existing fence

  •  rebuilding barn doors

  •  administrative tasks


Your help to accomplish these tasks would be a huge blessing!

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