What's On the Horizon

at Trinity Reins Ranch?


A barn expansion would allow us to

- Add a few more horses to the herd,

- Offer services in any type of weather,

- Add a handicap friendly restroom, and

- Add a meeting room which would allow family members and those who have physical limitations to participate in meetings and observations.


We are seeking partners to help us to expand on the foundation we currently have in place by sponsoring projects that will help us build improvements that will allow us to offer more comfortable services to all, regardless of physical limitations.

Approximate Project Cost

Barn Improvements/Expansion $ 7,000    



Approximate Project Costs & Ongoing Expenses

Arena Cover and dirt work inside arena $ 58,000  

Trinity Cottage- Ramp/deck for handicap access $ 5,000

Storage for tractor equipment and hay $ 3,000

Purchase Equipment for learning exercises $ 1,500​

Purchase arena drag and disc $ 3,000

Ongoing monthly care of the herd - per month $600

Scholarships for Equine Assisted Learning Programs $ 1,500-3,000

($100 per person per session-avg 3 sessions each)