What's On the Horizon

at Trinity Reins Ranch?




We are seeking donors to partner with us by helping to cover the ongoing expenses associated with caring for our herd.  No donation is too small.  Many items on our wish list have already been handled by our generous donors.  Thank you for your faithful giving!

Approximate Project Costs & Ongoing Expenses

Arena Cover and dirt work inside arena $ 40,000                                        DONE

Trinity Cottage- Ramp/deck for handicap access $ 1,500

Storage for tractor equipment and hay $ 3,000                                          DONE

Purchase Equipment for learning exercises $ 1,500​

Purchase arena drag and disc $ 3,000                                                        DONE

Ongoing monthly care of the herd - per month  $750

Replace old barb wire fence to prevent injury to horses  $10,000               DONE

Scholarships for Equine Assisted Learning Programs $ 1,500-3,000

($100 per person per session-avg 3 sessions each)